What Others Say

A few thoughts from others on how I help people–


“Mary Ann may be the original horse whisperer, and she brings that same sensitivity to her business relationships.   She knows when to bring the whip or the gentle pat, at just the right moment, creating the positive energy that most tense situations need.   She will not let you, or your team down.”


Doug Guyer

President and Co-Founder BrandShare




“Mary Ann has a wisdom based on decades of varied experiences as well as on her intuitive gifts.  The combination is quite special and I have found her insights and guidance to be very beneficial as I explore new twists and turns along the journey of being of benefit to all beings. I am immensely grateful to Mary Ann for her sharing, coaching and her unique gifts.  No words truly describe all her compassionate ways in which she can be of benefit to you and your animal friends.”

Allen M. Schoen, MS, DVM, PhD (hon)

Veterinarian, Best Selling Author


Mary Ann is a catalyst for awareness, growth and change.  Her skills are immense and she speaks on many levels that resonate with the condition of the universe, people, animals, plants and what we need to do to make the world a better place and invoke change to the good of all.

Amy Kendis, MS

Small Business Owner, WA


“Mary Ann has been a wonderful and supportive mentor and life coach. As a young teenager she helped me believe in myself and discover my strengths guiding me to follow my passion and interests.

On an organizational level she has been an insightful advisor in helping to structure our organizational development model and has helped drive the youth leadership aspect of our organization.”

Jessica Newman

Founder and Executive Director JustWorld International


“Mary Ann Simonds is a true facilitator and a rare talent.  We were grateful to work with her at such an early stage in our development and teaching us whole systems thinking.  I would recommend MA’s services to anybody, company, individual or animal owner, seeking to evolve, grow, transform or transcend.”

Jeffrey Wallin

Founding Partner, CVO, The BioChar Company, PA



“Mary Ann is unusual in her consistently high and positive energy, her enthusiasm for life it’s opportunities, and her ability to take you from the noise and adverse stresses of life to a place of peace and contentment in who we are as gifted individuals”

David Newton, P.E., C.E.G., C.W.R.E.,

President, Newton Consultants, OR


Mary Ann Simonds is one of the geniuses of our time.”

Linda Tellington-Jones




“Mary Ann has the ability to draw you in, capture and hold your attention as she speaks on a multitude of topics usually drawing from fascinating personal experiences that she is so willing to share. She’ll take you on journeys, inspiring you to seek out and make your own personal discoveries about yourself and the unseen world around you.”

Darlene Goss
Small Business Owner, OR


FABULOUS class!  THANKS for your passion, knowledge, sharing and everything!

Your manner is fabulous, warm, gentle, clear… THANK YOU!

Jeannie Lindheim

Center4Creativity. MA


Mary Ann Simonds is a remarkable teacher, and has helped me throughout my journey in more ways than I count. Always having been there, she really strives to help her students understand the many aspects of their lives that need reflection and inner wisdom; ultimately, she helps a person with their decisions by mirroring back their own self guidance. I could not have moved forward in my life’s plan without her.


Austin Throckmorton

 Student, 2014, TX


Entertaining, Educational and Empowering, Mary Ann opens door after door in your mind weaving personal stories to back up her amazing wisdom on so many subjects.
Student, UC Davis Class of 1990, CA


I am FLYING after that presentation from Mary Ann!!  What a fantastic hour! 

So organized and CLEAR in all her explanations, with great examples.

Lauren Sluyter Olsen

Student, Sweden


“Mary Ann seeks to make you aware of more than just what you can see and touch. Sometimes just listening to her talk will open up your mind and heart to things and ideas that you never once even considered to be a possibility. Inspiring leader – you’ll want to go back and learn more about every subject she touches on.”

Nancy Boyce
Eugene, OR


When one has a caring attitude combined with a passion for the wellbeing of all living things in general, fine-tuned by years of practical experience in the field, their influence and impact on those around them is invaluable. Over my years of close collaboration with Mary Ann, she has proven time and time again to be just such an instrumental resource. While her technical and applied knowledge speaks for itself, I give her my highest endorsement due to her innate ability to connect with others, challenging and guiding them toward greater growth. Learning alongside Mary Ann can only contribute to positive change.

Kastin Mattern

Communications Expert, Spain



“It is with deep heart felt gratitude that I encourage anyone seeking wisdom or guidance to work with Mary Ann.  Mary Ann has genuine interest and compassion in her patients and students. She shares her gifts and passion with joy and love. I have the honor to be her student as she coaches me on a journey of consciousness, allowing and encouraging me to have trust and faith to be all I came here to be. Her invaluable experience and insight make her an amazing coach and mentor. “

Thank you Mary Ann!

Marlene Siegel, DVM

Veterinarian, FL


 “As a vet, an enthusiastic horse friend and a consultant of world class riders, I thought I had already experienced and learned a lot. Now, after having been allowed to work with Mary Ann, indeed an absolutely new and wonderful world has been opened to me! How much I would wish all horse-people to obtain the opportunity to meet Mary Ann Simonds.”

Dr. Med Vet Dorothe Meyer
Veterinarian, Nutritionist owner of IWest, Germany


Thank you again for all of your efforts on our behalf. If you should ever find yourself in need of a reference, please put us at the top of your list. As you know, we believe your expertise and professionalism are second to none.

Bob Taylor

Taylor Properties. LLC, NC


Mary Ann brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to EcoTechnologies Group.  As our “Queen of Green”, her insight into the objectives and actions of companies, NGO’s and government agencies across a broad spectrum of environmental areas routinely helped shed light on potential areas of cooperation.  She blends the heart and passion of an environmentalist with the business oriented, practical perspective of a capitalist to help bring triple bottom line projects into reality.

Steve Parker

CEO EcoTechnologies Group, PA


I cannot and do not ever stop being grateful to you, Mary Ann, for the journey you took us on. Me on. The caliber is so different. You did a great thing for and with us (me). and I can never say thank you enough. Each and everyday something happens that brings you into my mind, if only to be so grateful for what I now see and experience THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU from the deep folds of my soul.

Christine Lannman, MSW

Therapist, Nova Scotia


“I am so thankful for all the gifts you have given me.   It’s just never as good with anyone else. I’m not sure if its just because you are the best, or I just resonate with what you do, but it sure works.”   

Pam Whitenburg, RN

Health Professional, OR