Speaker Topics

What People Are Saying

“Mary Ann has the ability to draw you in, capture and hold your attention as she speaks on a multitude of topics usually drawing from fascinating personal experiences that she is so willing to share. She’ll take you on journeys, inspiring you to seek out and make your own personal discoveries about yourself and the unseen world around you.”

Darlene Goss
Small Business Owner

“Mary Ann seeks to make you aware of more than just what you can see and touch. Sometimes just listening to her talk will open up your mind and heart to things and ideas that you never once even considered to be a possibility. Inspiring leader – you’ll want to go back and learn more about every subject she touches on.”

Nancy Boyce
Eugene, OR

MA speaking at WEF

Audiences and Communicating Style


           “Purposeful, Passionate & Professional”        

                                                                              “Entertaining, Empowering & Educational”

The words above were captured from hundreds of talk evaluations and teachings I have done over the years trying to condense information into as few words as possible.  Since 1980, I have been communicating (professionally speaking) and teaching people in a number of fields from horses and psychology to business and community development. Although I have done hundreds of talks and received compensation, I speak because I am passionate about inspiring people to learn and take action in their lives toward happiness and creating a sustainable world.   (see more info on the About or Work With Me pages)

There is more to communicating and speaking than standing up in front of an audience and being entertaining. I work with the organizer/meeting planner to pick topics, customize format, design “flow”, and balance the ambiance of the room for optimum comfort and learning for the audience.  I am known as a “flexible speaker” as I also have facilitation and event planning background.  

My style is animated & interactive and I usually engage the audience to participate and at a minimum “think”.  My talks and presentation are fun, but educational to topic. Powerpoint presentations and videos are used for higher content talks where learning is more essential.  Outdoor talks with interactive expercises can also be designed to meet the audience needs.

Communication is my field and my love, so I will talk with large and small groups, with people and with animals, inside or out, small venues or large and I will try and customize the talk to fit your needs.

It really doesn’t matter the discipline, as humans all have basic desires to be entertained and informed in a way that inspires and empowers them to be happy or to take action.  Whether out in Nature or in a conference room, I involve the audience to BE a part of the talk. As we are “all connected”. 

Here is a partial list of some of my talks:

Keystone Topics

1. HeartMind SPEAKAuthentic Communication With Everyone & Everything

All life communicates in various ways.  This talk investigates verbal and non-verbal communication engaging the audience in experiential exercises to learn about themselves and others.  Blending emotional and intellectual processes the talk gives an overview of how thoughts and feelings are integrate for communication in various species from humans to other animals and how to be “authentic” in our conversations.  Fun and entertaining with real life stories. Audience Appeal: All

2. Let Passion PlayHaving Purposeful Lives & Meaningful Work

There are recipes for happiness and many ways to create it. But if the proper foundation and belief systems are not in place, it is difficult to succeed. The talk outlines simple techniques in an entertaining style to weave science and intuition together for a sure fired system of success toward happiness. Over 30 years of research in how we create lives I will share various models. Interactive and fun.  Audience Appeal:All

3. Humans by Nature  – Understanding the Art and Science of Being Human

This talk outlines often hidden qualities about humans weaving a bit of biology, psychology, business, relationships and overall “natural history “ of what humans were designed by nature to do and what we make choices to do. A fun and entertaining talk that allows people to explore their individual beliefs and behaviors and how they relate to others. Audience Appeal: All

4. Galloping Gracefully Through Life – How Horses Teach Us About Cooperation and Happiness

Growing up with horses, earning degrees in wild horse ecology, pioneering the field of horse-human psychology and teaching horses and people for over 30 years, this talk shares some of the most profound lessons horses teach people sparking similarities to functional human relationships. I share stories from living in the field with wildlife to how even the Mormon Church elders came to learn how to communicate with horses.   Audience Appeal : All

5. Putting HorsePower to Work –  How to Inspire and Empower People to Work as a Team

Horses have been around for millions of years living sustainably in social groups. By understanding more about other social species and how they live sustainably in their habitats, we can translate the information to help create more efficient and healthy human systems.  (who have only been around for a few thousand years). Audience Appeal: Managers and anyone having to work with groups or team build.

6. A Horse of a Different ColorHow Being Different is an Asset to Evolution

Weaving personal stories of horses and clients through the years, the talk embraces the need for diversity and new ways of being. From new models for parenting based on healthy human skills to encouraging young entrepreneurs and business leaders, this talk takes you on the cutting edge of consciousness and evolution. Audience Appeal: All

7. Eco-nomics and Eco-logy – “Wipe Our Environmentalist and Become and Ecologist”

First given in the early 1980s when the environmental movement was taking hold, I resisted labeling the “environment” outside of ourselves. The talk addresses the evolution of thought and belief systems that our “environment” is an object like transportation or social services when in fact it is our “home” and without a healthy home humans along with other species will die out. The talk blends economic and ecological principles. Audience Appeal: Businesses, Environmental Organizations, Sustainability Professionals.

8. Gaiasophy – A New Approach for Life on Earth


This talk is philosophical and addresses the need for a paradigm shift in how humans think and act in the world. The human-centric approach is dying as it is not sustainable and being replaced by a more eco-centric or life-centric approach which is sustainable. The talk brings up key issues, but in a fun way weaves simple things people can do to change thinking and help to create a healthier world.  Audience Appeal: All


Other Talks – Talks can be customized. The following breaks out current talks broken into general categories. Contact me if you have an idea for a talk. All talks are motivational and inspiring, so there is no need for that category.


Natural CreativityHow Nature Does It!  Learn the lessons of the universe in simple exercises for enhancing creativity and critical thinking. This is a great talk for stimulating innovation and solving problems.

Take it Outside”- How Being Out in Nature or With Animals Helps Us Stay Healthy.Research shows the negative impacts of living in an unnatural world, but it also shows the benefits of interacting with nature and how it reduces stress in humans in many ways. Whether you take your dog for a walk or sit on park bench at noon, the talk gives tips to interact safely and joyfully with nature and animals. Talk can be conducted outside, in parks, at zoos, etc.

Creating Beauty, Creating PeaceHow Inner and Outer Nature WorksWe live in a world crumbling quickly with climate change, pollution, wars, but this talk brings hope on a new level by addressing how human consciousness can create peace and beauty through collaborative and focused thought.

Sharing Awareness With Animals and Others – Interspecies Communication Techniques. The O.F.F.E.R Techniques developed to assist people with communicating cross species. Builds communication skills at work, with others, with animals and with those challenged with language. Talk introduces the model and engages the audience to practice exercises using cognitive techniques.

Temperament Typing for Enhanced LearningThis has been primarily a talk for horse/animal trainers to be able to better asses the animals learning ability. But the model has proved to work well with people too. The talk addresses how to evaluate an individual’s ability using the S.A.I.C.C. Evaluation for developing the best learning situation.



My Space, Your SpaceThe Language of Social Species.Whether you have a big office or big personal space, the amount of space you have around you indicate you position in a social group The talk addresses setting boundaries, expanding and contracting social space and how various cultures (including other animals ) use space for communication.  Correlations are made with other species and there is video support using horses. This can also be done in an outdoor setting.  Audience Appeal: All

Evolving from “I AM ” to “We Are”-Talk addresses the evolution of awareness from the individual to the welfare of a group.


Health and Wellness

Stress Management on 1 Min a DayTalk is filled with stress management exercise after defining and giving an overview of what stress is and how it affects us. Having taught stress management in the workplace for years and writing a book on stress management for horses, the talk weaves real life stories with useful tools.

From Human Doings to Human BeingsStudying how people form paradigms and shift their awareness and consciousness has led me to  develop working models for happiness. The BT3 model takes people from outer focus to inner focus and gives simple ways to create personal visions.

 “Good Vibrations”, “Bad Vibrations”Managing electro-magnetic frequencies. All life has electro-magnetic frequencies. We live in an electronic world with cell phones, computers, appliances & other technologies that drain our electro-magnetic fields. This talk addresses the things we can do to stay “vibrationally healthy” weaving the research I conducted on horses, insects and other life forms that lead to the development of the “Natural Vibrational” products.  Simple solutions for challenging issues that weaves the health of the planet with human health.

Transmuting Negativity Into Positive: The Secrets of Natural Energy & Emotional Management.  Ever wonder how to shift the negative vibes personally or in others? There are secrets this talk will share to help people create happiness wherever they go. Based on real life experiments (from waiting in far too many airports) and neuroscience the audience will participate and practice some of the techniques.


New Models for Parenting- Shifting Roles For Raising Healthy SoulsIt only takes one functional adult to raise a healthy child. What if there were several functional adults or several functional kids? The talk discusses new models for raising happy and healthy children using personal examples from young clients who were aware enough to seek help. Personal success stories outline sometimes funny, but endearing techniques proved to help guide young people (and parents) to find purposeful lives.

Stress Management for TeenagersHow not to “burn out” in a distractive busy world. This is a fun talk and has lots of input from the younger generation. Presented to such organizations as DECA and Youth Leadership programs, the talk is interactive having the audience learn and practice stress management techniques.

What’s Sex Got to Do With ItManaging Sexual Energies in the Workplace & at School.The talk is targeted at the younger generation entering the workplace, but can be adapted to older audiences as well. Great for high school and college students. Addresses how to handle both emotional and physical attraction in the workplace or school by demonstrating various ways to manage energy. Talk is interactive.

Women as Change Makers –Putting Feminine Energy to Work
Talk is targeted to women in the workplace or women wanting to make a difference in the world. Understanding the paradigms and how to embrace the power to make change. Having been the only female student as well as the only female in the mining industry when I started my professional career, I weave a number of powerful stories to demonstrate how to use power appropriately to create change.

Business – Marketing, Teamwork and Sales

SymBizosisCollaborative Business: The New Model for Sustainability.  The paradigm for competition is being replaced by cooperation as humans learn that sustainability is related to how well we cooperate as species.  Nature shows us those species built around competition often struggle to survive when the environment changes. They cannot adapt. Those species who adapt with others can evolve. Business is no different. Good talk for businesses going through change or looking for a clear vision.